Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Wear Jeans. You Wear Jeans. We All Wear Jeans....

**I'm reposting this, hoping to spread the word a little more. As you read, I mention I'll have an open house on May4th, but I'm also going to have the jeans at Headlines Salon in Tulare tomorrow morning until about 2pm, and I'm hoping even later, but I have to play it by ear. Please let me know if you're interested in hosting a party or even want to hear about the business itself...THANKS!!"

Ladies and Gentlemen! Introducing Vault Denim's newest Fashion Consultant...Kimberly Dodson!!

I know...after that last post about my style impairment, I'm sure you're wondering how I could even qualify for a position such as a 'fashion consultant'. Well...Let me tell ya. I wear jeans...EVERYDAY. Gracie wears jeans...EVERYDAY. THE END.

(Ok, not really "the end" because I'm about to tell you how this happened so quickly...)
Here's the story. Once upon a last Tuesday, I went to a "party" at my sister-in-law, Chantal's house. This girl, Lisa, showed up and brought in a boat load of great jeans. She set them out on the couch and sat there while we all looked at them and tried them on. Then we all bought something and TA-DA! We all went home with adorable jeans that our butts looked amazing in. And everyone lived happily ever after. Now, THE END.

I live in jeans. I love jeans. Why not sell them. Easy peasey, lemon squeezy!

As of right now I will have the jeans out at my house on Wednesday, May 4th if you want to come by (comment and I'll get you my address). I'll also have dessert and I might even bust out the ol' margarita machine. Oh yeah...I went there.

Oh, and I'd be happy to bring them by your house, too, if you're interested. Just sayin'....

**Vault Denim sells designer jeans at a discounted price. They're not seconds. They're nice jeans. Bling jeans. Plain jeans. Capris. Shorts. Skirts. You shop and go home with your jeans. No orders. no waiting. Straight from the display to your butt.**


Andi said...

Woooo...this sounds like a lot of fun! What sizes do they come in? Because you know I don't have the smallest butt in the world. LOL

Sharon Mizner said...

O.K. I like jeans too. I really like bling. But in my case, the two just can't go together. I don't need any more help drawing eyes to my butt. I don't want to light my cheeks up any more than possible. Quite honestly, by butt in your jeans would be bad business, and I care about you! But, I am working on getting my butt to a size that can wear your jeans proudly!!!!!