Friday, May 13, 2011

I'm Rich!! I'm Rich!!

I read in the paper that some company was coming to town for a few days and you could sell them your gold and what not. Then there were pictures of certain coins that they were looking for and how much they could go for. I got so excited when I saw a penny I was certain I had. It said, "Up to $1,500*". Not sure what the asterisk meant, but I thought, "well, it's gotta be worth something!"

So I went digging through my coins and I found it!! OMGeee...I was soooooo excited! I looked it over and saw that it was from 1958, so Tim looked it up online and I was RIGHT!! It was worth something...

3 cents.

Then I decided to look up the 1935 $1 bill I had. My hunch was right about that, too. It's worth $1.50.

Jealous much?

I just remembered I have my name in silver letters that my parent bought me to go on a leather belt (don't judge. We lived in Texas at the time). I suppose I could sell those...or I could get a leather belt and have them put on. Awe-some. Hum...Will she or won't she get a leather belt and have her name put on it? That is the question.

She just might.

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