Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Truth is...

This blog post is dedicated to Teri Rhyman...Who told me this morning that she needed a blog post.

Truth is, I'm on my third draft and I'm having a hard time coming up with something to write. I've had a crappy morning. First of all, my alarm didn't go off and I slept until 7:30. OOPS!! Ok, Truth is, my alarm went off several times and I kept hitting snooze until one of two things happened: it gave up after about the 10th time, or I wore it out. Either way...it was NOT a good way to start the day. You should have seen me move when I saw the time. I've never moved so fast in my life. Truth is, I have...because it's not the first time my alarm has done that to me. {{Like how I keep blaming the alarm?}}

I fed my kids donuts for breakfast this morning (that's where I was headed when you saw me, Teri). Truth is, it's easy...unless there is some stupid woman in front of you, ordering two dozen hand-picked donuts all while trying to talk on her phone. Truth is, I almost went to jail this morning and that woman almost went to the hospital. I would have had to stay there, too, because we don't have any money to bail me out. And the truth is, I might be ok with that.

I haven't had a chance to do anything this morning. It's hard to be productive when you have a little one at home. Alright...truth is, I don't want to do anything. I want to sit and do nothing...for about 3 days. Truth is, I'd like one full day to clean my house top to bottom without any interruptions and one full day to enjoy it...alone. Then, one full day to sleep.

While I was typing this, Ella got a hold of a marker and wrote all over everything in the playroom. Truth is, she brought me the marker and I opened it for her then sent her on her way...Oops.

Truth is, I need to get off my arce and do something, even if it's wrong. And truth is, it probably will be.

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